About SchoolToolsTv

Safe schools require three things: connection, relationship and basic social skills. Schools and classrooms that encourage interpersonal connections, healthy relationships and social skills training reduce bullying, have a healthier school climate and get better academic results. Rusty May, the Director of the Bullying and School Safety (BASS) Foundation, developed SchoolToolsTv (STTV) to help schools address these critical issues.

  • STTV is a daily, one minute web cast that focuses on connection, relationship and helps teach the basic social skills all students need to really succeed. STTV emphasizes the power of connection and relationship and reminds educators that character and social skills must be taught.
  • STTV provides practical tools and solutions that address the ethical, academic and safety issues that are of growing concern in our schools and in our society. Topics include grit, perseverance, character, empathy, curiosity and courage.
  • STTV also deals with issues like bullying, manners and feelings. Bottom line, STTV helps teachers connect with every student and helps every student acquire the social skills they need to succeed in the classroom and beyond. Teachers use the show to set the tone for the day, to create a conversation about rules and expectations and often as the daily writing prompt. Testimonials speak to fewer disciplinary issues, more teachable time and better results in and out of the classroom.
  • STTV has evolved from a live daily broadcast at one school into a web based video presence with a daily audience of over 25,000 students. STTV has won two Promising Practices Award from the Character Education Partnership and teachers are currently using SchoolToolsTv in the US & Canada.

Creating Safer Schools and Healthy School Climates One Minute At A Time.